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Enrico Omodeo Salè, born in 1981, director of short films, documentaries and video productions. Since 2014 reportage photographer.
Passionate about cinema since adolescence, he made his first short film at the age of 21. After the master's degree in "sciences and techniques of interculturality" at the University of Trieste, with a thesis in filmology on the Senegalese director Sembene Ousmane ", he began working as a filmmaker and video maker.

The documentary "The working class goes to heaven - behind the scenes of a Novara film", has participated in some film festivals (Novara and Terni) and has been attached as an extra to the restored DVD edition of the film by Elio Petri.

Prizes and Awards:

Festival Filming history 2015 - Anpi special prize for: "Mum I'm going to die, but as a partisan"

Youth Festival on Equal Opportunities 2014, video section - organized by the Turin Volunteer Forum. Best video: "Stop femicide"

Novara Cine Festival 2014. Best film (school section): "True Life"

Resistant culture 2012, Pombia (No). Special mention for the documentary activity

Matildeland International Film Festival 2012 of San Benedetto Po (Mn), film "13 August 1944". First prize (short documentary section)

"Short and Hay 2010" festival of Armeno (No), film "It is not a country for young people". Third prize.

NanoFilmFestival of Spoleto (Pg) 2009, film "Stories of call centers". First prize documentary section.

Omodeo Salè is one of the organizers of the historic Cineforum Nord in Novara.
He conducts audiovisual workshops and cineforums in the lower and upper secondary schools of his province

He has made photographic exhibitions of his travel reports in various parts of Italy.

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